Booty Building

This program was created for anyone wanting to build a bigger, rounder toned booty. With proper nutrition, and the right glute specific exercises, it is possible to completely transform, and reshape your booty. Access to a gym is required, with options to do some days at home as well. ​​​​​​
What you get :
✓ Booty Building Exercise Program
✓ Home & Gym Workout Plans

✓ Glute Activation Exercises

✓ Exercise Descriptions & Form Tips
✓ Carb Cycling Meal Plan For Optimal Fat Burning & Booty Building
✓ Vegan/Vegetarian/Regular Meal Plan Versions
✓ Stefani's Nutrition Tips
✓ Foods to Avoid
✓ Grocery Shopping List
✓ Cardio Suggestions

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