Carb Cycling Meal Plan- Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Carb Cycling Meal Plan- Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

This meal plan is best suited for anyone wanting to lose body fat, while still maintaining enough calories/carbs for optimal muscle building. It cycyles through 3 different meal plan days:


  • High Carb
  • Medium Carb
  • Low Carb


I suggest training the muscle groups you want to build/grow on your "high/medium carb" days, & following the "low carb day" for your rest/cardio days.


✓ Carb Cycling Meal Plan For Optimal Fat Burning & Booty Building 

✓ Vegan/Vegetarian/Regular Meal Plan Versions 

✓ Stefani's Nutrition Tips 

✓ Foods to Avoid 

✓ Grocery Shopping List

✓ Meal Portion Guides

✓ Multiple Meal Substitute Suggestions


This is the same meal plan that is included with both my Booty Building & Full Body Plan.

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