Speed Up Fat Loss with Ketosis....Not A Keto Diet!!

I am sooooo excited about these results ! We have all heard about the keto diet.. and although many find they achieve results I personally don't like this highly restrictive no carb diet for weight loss. I have recently been testing an amazing new supplement that has been allowing my clients to reach their fat loss goals SO much easier and faster. This is not a Keto diet, or a crazy strict meal plan.

This is just by following a very simple non restrictive meal plan (including carbs) and drinking ketones called " exogenous therapeutic ketones" 2x daily. They taste like a yummy vitamin water and come in a number of flavours.

How They Work: In simple terms.. the reason so many get such great results on a keto diet is that they are able to force their body into ketosis. This means they restrict carbs/sugars so much that their body is forced to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs/sugar. Unfortunately this is very difficult to do, it also means you can't eat any carbs or sugar including most fruit, some vegetables and definitely no rice, bread ect....

Here is the exciting part : You can actually experience all the amazing benefits of being in ketosis by drinking therapeutic ketones twice daily without drastically changing your diet (or completely eliminating carbs).

Being in ketosis allows your body to experience the following.

Better Fat Loss

Better Sleep

Better Energy

Better Focus

Better Energy

I think we can all agree that experiencing more of these benefits would be nice for anyone, and everyone.

Click here to watch a video on "How It Works"

If you are thinking "hmm sounds too good to be true" ... trust me I thought the same thing until I saw my clients getting these kind of results even in their first 10 days drinking their KETO NAT. I even challenge you to try the 10 day challenge box to see the results for yourself. All of my clients who tried the 10 day challenge loved it, and of course wanted to continue to lose weight, experience more energy, better mood, sleep, and focus.

You can check out the Drink Ketones 10 day challenge kit by clicking here , you can order up to a max of 3 challenge boxes at this special discounted price so if you think you will want to continue for the whole 4 weeks or share with a friend/partner I suggest to order all 3 at once (and you will save on shipping too).

Fell free to message me on instagram, or through my contact page on my website if you have any questions. You can find lots more resources, videos, and info by clicking this link and finding Keto101 >> Shop Keto & Learn More

Make sure if you want to purchase you check out as a customer, and click Stephanie Castro as your referrer so ensure all your discounts are applied .

I am also running a limitied special 40% off discount on all my meal plans & custom coaching options for anyone who takes part in the drink ketones challenge, or makes a Keto Nat purchase. Contact me for details contactluvstefani@gmail.com or via my instagram. @luv.stefani

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