In Defense of the Squat: Why It’s the Ideal Workout

If you haven’t included sets of squats in your workout, you’re missing out on an excellent way to work out not only your lower body but your entire body. When you include a good squat workout as part of your glute workout a home, you’re bound to see solid results. There are plenty of reasons why squats are an essential part of most workouts.

The squat workout often gets a bad rap. That’s because this is a tough exercise and you will feel the effect if it is done properly. So, people tend to either want to avoid them in their glute workout at home or reluctantly do them for a good glute workout.

The many advantages of squats

It should be noted that squats don’t just work the lower body but effectively give a good whole-body workout the same way planks, which are an excellent abdominal exercise, also strengthen and help build muscle in the entire body. The focus is on areas like hams, glutes, and calves, but you’ll also derive benefits like muscle tone all over. It should be considered an essential part of any workout whether you need lower bodywork or not.

Squats condition the entire body and therefore gets you in peak condition. This can benefit any sports you are involved with. Body strength is a prerequisite for most organized sports.

Squats have some benefits you might not be aware of. Properly doing this exercise can lead to a healthy release of hormones. Growth hormones and testosterone are commonly activated during squats.

Increased freedom of movement and vertical leaps

If you’re into fitness, you probably know how important it is to work your core. Few exercises focus so solidly on and give the core area an intense workout like squats. If you work with free weights during your gym workouts, you’ll benefit from increased lower body strength to help you get through those workouts.

If you play a sport like basketball, you know the benefits that mastering vertical leaps can brings. Building and strengthening the lower body, particularly the hips, will vastly improve your vertical leaps. You might not be the next Jordan, but you'll definitely experience an improvement in your game.

A regular squats routine provides benefits both in and outside the gym. Strengthening your body with squats will enable you to improve flexibility in your daily activities. Finally, regular squats will make you look great, and that’s one of the main reasons people faithfully follow a workout routine.

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