Updated: May 9, 2019

Whether I am getting ready for a photoshoot, vacation, or a big event, I have a number of changes I make to tighten up my nutrition/training to make sure I look, and feel my best.

Obviously I will have already been eating very healthy leading up to my shoot, but the last 10 days-1 week out I start cutting out the extras, and tweaking my diet.

These little tweaks can be used by anyone getting ready for a trip, or big event.

#1. Lots Of Water. I usually try to drink 3-4 litres a day to help flush out any extra water my body is holding, keep my skin clear, and eliminate any bloating.

#2. Keep It Simple. Stay away from anything over processed. I avoid even protein bars, or any processed snacks, even if they are healthy. I prefer to eat everything from it's natural state, this helps me to know exactly what I am putting in my body.

#3. No Wheat/Gluten. Even whole grain wheat is a far less benificial grain than quinoa, sweet potato, or oats in my opinion. My body is less bloated, and responds better to less processed sources of carbohydrates.

#4. Carb Timing. I still do consume complex carbs, but only oats in the morning, fruit in my shakes/snacks, or 100g of rice post booty/lower body workouts. Other than that my carbs come from fruits, and veggies throughout the day.

#5. Cook For Yourself. I avoid eating out at restaurants, or buying and pre-made meals. I like to know exactly what is in my food. Restaurants almost always add in extra sauces/ingredients that increase the calories, sodium, and fat. Even healthy choices will have extras that you wouldn't need to add at home.

#6. Eat Often. I don't skip meals, and I make sure to eat my properly portioned meals, every 3-4 hours. It will help speed up your metabolism, and make sure you have energy for all your workouts.

#7. Workouts/Cardio. I really don't change too much for workouts this close to a shoot. If I feel like I have extra body fat to lose, I will sometimes add in extra cardio about a month out. Usually this would be 30-45 minutes of moderate paced cardio at any time of the day. As for workouts I follow my normal routine 5 days a week.

#8. Don't Drink Your Calories. Coffee, I know most of us can't live without it. Just make sure you aren't accidentally sabotaging yourself. I usually add in some kind of dairy free milk to my coffee or Americano, but this close to a shoot I will cut out the milk and just drink black. If you really can't do that, try some sugar free syrup, or a little splash of soy/almond milk. 

#9. Bloating. Along with upping my water, I make sure to take a high grade probiotics & digestive enzyme with my meals. I usually suggest a refrigerated probiotic that has at least 10 billion active cells.

#10. Supplements. If you want a little extra help with fat burning, and water retention you can also add in CLA's , and dandelion root tea or caps.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.

I am always here to help

Stefani :)

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